Book: Insanity In The Church

Written by Timothy

Insanity In The Church


Chapters For Insanity In The Church



1. The Lie

2. Insanity

3. Numbers Madness

4. Great Things Madness

5. Authority Madness

6. Money Madness

7. Miracle Madness

8. Pleasure Madness

9. Altar Call Madness

10. The Cure

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It is easy to sit in the comfort of one’s own righteousness and bemoan how every other revival, denomination, and ministry is preaching the wrong gospel. But who, then, is doing it right?

Perhaps we are asking the wrong question. God allows delusion in the church so that each of us can be truly humble. Unless we repent by hating our own life and suffering with Christ, the comfort of our righteousness will never save us.

Insanity in the Church takes an honest look at the church today, shifting the conversation from blame to self-reflection so that we can truly hope for salvation.


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