Dressing For Church

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How To Dress For Church

To dress for church is to clothe oneself in soul, spirit and body with the best one can offer the Living God. Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature. (Romans 13:14)
When I used to pastor a church, worship services were at 1:30 in the afternoon.
All day Sunday was given to God. The best of the day was given to God.
The best time of the day.
The best of dress was given to God.
The best of soul, spirit and body were given to God as a living sacrifice.
All morning to prepare oneself or the family for church.
Arrive at 1:30 after lunch ready to worship God in the prime of the day.
No watching sports that day.
No relaxing by the pool side.
No shopping, running errands or the Internet.
Just worship, fellowship and church.
What a joy it was!
A swift view of a church congregation can tell you much of what you need to know about their beliefs.
Most dress these days for church like it is a club, a playground or a trip to the convenience store.
Among so-called Christians the low degree of respect for the holy God is staggering.
But then, respect for authorities, governing officials and those in high positions is a thing of the past in the United States. There are several causes for this increase of wickedness but I watched the respect for God be replaced by self-serving disrespect from the Cultural Christian Church. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, (Matthew 24:12)
If you attend church, or even home church there should be a set of clothes that are considered holy – just for worship.
Those who whine they cannot afford such clothing, then set aside a special plain t-shirt that is considered holy, just for the day of worship. Her priests do violence to my law and profane my holy things; they do not distinguish between the holy and the common; they teach that there is no difference between the unclean and the clean; and they shut their eyes to the keeping of my Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them. (Ezekiel 22:26) 
After all, God does care what you wear. Just ask Adam and Eve if what they wore reflected the heart or not. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. (Genesis 3:7)

“Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning,” (Luke 12:35)

Adults show your children that going to church is far deeper a matter than entertaining Bibles.
Demonstrate to them that this is someone important, very important that you are going to meet.
That as you serve the Lord there is fear and in rejoicing there is trembling. Let your children see the fear and trembling that when they grow they will grow out of childish animated Bible productions.  When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. (Psalm 2:11)

Let all have special clothes for church. Let men dress like men, short hair and all without drawing attention to themselves. Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him, (1 Corinthians 11:14) Let women dress modestly wearing a covering during worship so the angels can see that all are dressed respectfully for the Living God. For this reason, and because of the angels, the woman ought to have a sign of authority on her head. (1 Corinthians 11:10)   I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing. I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, (1 Timothy 2:8-9)
It is always good to find a church that is pleasing to God. I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord .” (Psalm 122:1) 

In Your Best

Dressed in Body, Soul & Spirit for Church

“A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me?” says the Lord Almighty. (Malachi 1:6)
1. Turn off all electronics.
“The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear-minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.” (1 Peter 4:7)
2. Come dressed in your best. The best suit, best woman’s dress, best everything else.
“…you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:20)
“When you bring blind animals for sacrifice, is that not wrong? When you sacrifice crippled or diseased animals, is that not wrong? Try offering them to your governor! Would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you?” says the Lord Almighty. (Malachi 1:8)
3. Arrive somber in spirit.
“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”” (Hebrews 12:28-29)
Seen In Church
“I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing. I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.” (1 Timothy 2:8-10)



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