Letters of Recommendations

Written by Timothy


I plead with you in the name of the Living God to pause and consider repenting of the constant praise, recommendations and promotion of men.

Until there is deep repentance concerning this sin you, your church and others will never be able to believe Jesus.

If you desire revival in your life and church start here before attempting to believe the message of the cross that Jesus bought with His blood.

“I do not accept praise from men, but I know you.

I know that you do not have the love of God in your hearts.

I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.

How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God ? “But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom your hopes are set.

If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me. But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?”

(John 5:41-47)

Let your church be deeply convicted of claiming God but in reality are just as worldly as the praise seeking ungodly.

Jesus rebukes them for claiming that they are of the faith, believing in Moses, yet in reality make no real effort to seek the praise and glory of God. They live a religious lie.

The vast swamp of individuals in the church are using the name of Jesus to seek glory for themselves. The sin of false-humility has flooded the church and that is one reason why the message of the cross is hotly persecuted.

Indeed, many individuals will not accept the message of the cross precisely because it will cost them the praise of family, friends and church. They are unable to hear the Holy Spirit declare the truth about the message of the cross and their lives because the desire for the praise of man has made them deaf.

Repent, or know this. Paul, Peter and the Apostles of old for whom you claim to have listened to will accuse you on the Great Judgment Day.

If you cannot hear, believe and walk the message of the cross that is preached here, how will you ever stand before a Holy God?

If you just will not go to the Truth, hear the Truth being spoken to you by the Holy Spirit as to what is on this site, then at least accept the words of a few humble individuals in Jesus Christ at the links below.

Let all get before Jesus, allow the conviction to arrive, repent in dust and ask for the heart of Jesus that does not accept praise from men. Let us be taught by Jesus to not accept the praise of man before talking about how godly we think someone is! For only then will all know how to communicate and listen concerning those God’s Truth speaks well of.


T. Williams
If anyone does not love the Lord–a curse be on him.
Come, O Lord ! (1 Corinthians 16:22)


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